Mtha Aviation services company in Pretoria, Gauteng; was formally established in 2007 by a group of South African professionals in the aviation industry with a collective depth of experience of more than 60 years. 

The business concept was developed to bring together and harness this depth of experience to respond to a wide range of challenges in the aviation industry. The overarching principle of our business is to provide specialized services to the wider aviation industry, and to respond to the need for organizational reconfiguration and change-management challenges in the aerospace sector. Our depth of experience is our unique strength, and this enables us to provide solutions to any challenges our clients may encounter. In addition to this, a wide range of links with big players in aviation, and a carefully developed network of leading companies, enhances our local expertise.

The result today is a reputable business model backed by great depth of knowledge, experience, skill and a sound financial platform.

We have demonstrated a flexibility to innovate business solutions in a highly regulated market.

To further enhance our service delivery capabilities, we have also strategically leveraged local and global strategic as well as operational partnerships.



  • Our vision is to be the preferred aviation services provider in Africa.


  • Our mission is to live our passion by partnering in the transformation and growth of the aviation industry by providing safe, reliable, economical and world class services.


  • Grow our geographic footprint
  • Grow Aviation related products and service offerings
  • Increase aviation Sector Market share
  • Entrench organisational brand positioning in Aviation sector

  • We aim to find creative ways to deliver added value to our clients.
  • We aim to find creative ways to deliver added value to our clients.
  • We aim to responsibly grow the business.
  • We build mutually sustainable and reputable professional relationships.